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Remanufactured Equipment Overview

Why buy remanufactured commercial refrigeration equipment instead of new?

Sometimes your budget doesn't allow for new refrigeration equipment. Fortunately, Perfectemp's remanufactured equipment gets the job done faster at a substantial cost savings. We offer a 2 year case warranty program that rivals that of most new refrigeration equipment manufacturers.

If you’re planning a new grocery franchise or independent store – or remodeling an existing store – it might be time to think about purchasing a new set of commercial refrigerators. But a commercial refrigerator doesn’t have to be new. In fact, stocking your facility with remanufactured refrigeration equipment can be a smart business move.

Remanufactured refrigeration equipment can work just as well as a new one.

Every piece of refrigeration equipment we sell undergoes a rigorous quality control regimen prior to shipment:

• Every medium and low temperature commercial refrigerated case is stripped down, thoroughly cleaned, and checked for integrity

• We test the performance of every component individually and replace anything that doesn't meet our standards

• New Thermostatic Expansion valves are configured and installed on all cases

• Refrigeration coils are evacuated and pressurized

• We inspect defrost components and convert as specified or replace if necessary

• New Defrost Klixons are installed and Defrost heaters tested

• New temperature sensing probes are installed per circuit

• New Honeycombs are installed

• New fan relays are packed indivually and shipped with each case

• We install new Diaphragm Line valves and new Liquid Line Filter Dryers

• New EC motor fans are installed for optimum performance and energy efficiency

• The drain hub and trap are inspected, tested, and repaired as needed

• Installation of new T-8 lighting and shields, with an option for LED light upgrades

• To conserve energy and prevent cold air loss, we offer optional energy saving night blinds

• New custom fit end panels are manufactured and installed according to customer specifications

• Door hinges, gaskets, and anti-sweat controls are inspected and tested

• All interiors and exteriors are prepped and painted to customer specifications

• We install new rigid cart bumpers, kick plates, and plastic moldings on the exteriors of all refrigerated cases

Our remanufacturing engineers take their jobs very seriously, and a remanufactured refrigeration unit doesn’t leave our warehouse unless it’s like new.

Remanufactured refrigeration units are easier on the environment.

There’s something in business called the “triple bottom line.” It’s the idea that a company’s success should take three factors into consideration: People, Profit and the Planet. By purchasing remanufactured refrigeration equipment, you’re taking a substantial burden off the world’s burgeoning landfills, and reducing waste overall. Making such extended use of still-viable resources is a key component of doing sustainable business – and that’s something we can all be proud of.

Remanufactured refrigeration equipment is less expensive.

Budgets are getting tighter – and you’ve got to reduce your costs wherever possible. Purchasing remanufactured refrigeration equipment can have a wonderful impact on your bottom line. When you buy a remanufactured refrigerator from Perfectemp, your low price comes with the assurance of a 2 year case warranty program that rivals that of most new refrigerator manufacturers.

With thousands of refrigeration cases and other equipment at their disposal, our sales and engineering staff can find the perfect equipment to fit your needs.

Regardless of your budget, we will have you selling more groceries faster than anyone in the industry. Our expert engineering and technical support staff helps you ensure that the refrigeration equipment you select will suit all of your needs, for every application. They can custom-design a compressor system to maximize your energy dollars and provide years of reliable service. If possible, please specify some of the following specifications when submitting your quote request or placing your order:

• Case line-up length and style (low/high profile, open, closed reach-in, service/self-serve, and low or medium temperature

• Interior and exterior paint colors and cart bumper color

• Curved or straight glass for service cases

• Case shelf depth (14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22” and 24”)

• Specify to include a quote for energy saving night curtains for your open case display

• Perfectemp manufactures new "box" and "contour" case end panels. New box case end panels come standard with upright open display cases; specify "contour" if desired

• Compressor type and make

• Refrigerant type; R404A, R22, R134A, etc.

• Condenser type and selection

• Machine house or room layout

• Voltage and power requirements

• Controller type and make

• Heat and components

• Defrost type (electric, hot gas, etc.) and components

• For estimated freight costs, include "ship to" information